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Managed It Services

At Computer Headquarters our services give you the support you need for your critical IT systems without the expense and hassle of doing it all in-house. Let us be your personal technicians for all your company’s IT needs.

Let Us Stop Your Computers From Causing You Stress

Have you spent too much time trying to fill your IT needs internally? Have you poured your profits into technology and software, but not getting the value out of it? Does your day consist of putting out fires with your computers and network?

Let Computer Headquarters take over. Not only do we do computer repairs, It consulting, and troubleshooting, but we also set your company up with our Managed IT system. We keep your computers and network updated, secure, backed up and running smoothly.  If you are needing managed IT services in Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, or in other locations, we are there! 


Contact us today, and schedule a FREE consultation!


Is your laptop running slow? Does it need a part replaced? Bring it in and let our trained technicians diagnose the issue, repair the problem or upgrade your software and hardware. We know how crucial it is to have a reliable laptop, so bring it in and we can get it in running at it's best!



We offer virus removal and operating system upgrades for both Mac and PC's. Many people spend too much money on new computers, when a few simple upgrades can produce significantly more performance out of your current desktop. Book an Appointment today, bring it in and let us give it a tune-up!


Desktop Computer

With constant attacks on networks and small business securities, companies need to have active security checks and audits on their all of their data and backups. We provide network maintenance and security audits to companies throughout southeast Alaska and can help keep your networks and sensitive information secure.


Remote Support

Sometimes, the process of disconnecting and hauling in your computer during inclement weather can be too stressful. And sometimes, it's unnecessary. There are many scenarios in which we can offer Remote Support to troubleshoot and repair your computer. Our Remote Support is secure and easy to use. Contact us today to see if this is a good option for your situation.



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